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Teachers at St Paul?s Anglican Grammar School are expected to be specialists in their chosen disciplines and
Be able to establish a strong rapport with their students. They should know both the material they are teaching
And how best to impart this knowledge to the students in their care. They are expected to be supportive of the
School?s philosophies, direction and Christian ethos.
In their manner, attire, work ethic and ability to work collaboratively with their colleagues, they are expected to
Demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism. All classroom teachers are expected to work respectfully
With colleagues and demonstrate work practices consistent with the Code of Conduct.
Teachers at St Paul?s Anglican Grammar School are also expected to contribute to the development of
Students outside the classroom setting and, as such, are required to participate in excursions, camps and co-curricular activities. Each member of staff is also expected to carry out direct pastoral responsibilities in the
Role of tutor.Position in Context:
Specialist teachers are responsible to the Head of Junior School, who, in turn, reports to the Principal.Freedom to Act/Autonomy
Specialist teachers are expected to take initial responsibility for the management and the delivery of the
Curriculum in each of their classes. All teachers are expected to comply with the School?s Policies and
Procedures and work as directed by the Head of Junior School.Appraisal
Based on the Role Description and, more specifically, the Key Performance Indicators, the performance of
Teachers will be appraised by the relevant Head of School.Key Performance Indicators
Teach in accord with the School?s educational philosophies, that is:
In the Early Learners Centre to Year 2, learning that is an animated exploration of their world;
From Years 3 to 6, learning that is driven by increasing opportunity, builds on foundation skills and
Explores emerging talents;
Major Activities
1. Students
2. Parents
3. Staff Meetings and Professional Development
4. Curriculum and Reporting
5. Promotion of the School
6. Teaching Commitment and Other Duties
7. GeneralMajor Duties and Responsibilities:
1. StudentsDemonstrate sound classroom management practices and subject knowledge and impart that
Knowledge using appropriate methodologies;
Take responsibility for the pastoral care of the students in their care on a day to day basis, paying
Attention to their spiritual, cultural, academic and social development;
Monitor student progressthrough the timely setting and marking of student work requirements;
Set appropriate tasks for students in a mixed ability classroom setting;
Guide students who are behind with work requirements;
Use formal and informal mechanisms to report regularly on student progress to parents and senior
Ensure that appropriate discipline procedures are followed and personally take charge of low-level
Discipline issues in the first instance before referring these to Deputy Heads or the Head of Junior
Maintain a high standard of appearance and behavior amongst students;
Identify students with special needs;
Implement the delivery of any special assistance that may be given to students in need;
Liaise closely with the relevant staff to ensure the successful transition of students;
Demonstrate an ability to integrate technology into teaching, where appropriate;
Comply with VIT Code of Conduct and registration.2. ParentsCommunicate openly, keeping parents and families regularly informed of developments in the
Conduct interviews to discuss concerns as required;
Provide meaningful feedback in Parent/Student information evenings;
Attend special evenings and functions as required;
3. Staff meetings and Professional DevelopmentParticipate in professional development activities both in and out of school hours;
Actively contribute to the development of the curriculum with other staff through staff meetings;
Attend and participate in all staff meetings as required;
Participate in the development of pastoral and academic policies.
4. Curriculum and ReportingContribute to a strong teaching and learning environment through the writing of detailed curriculum
Plans, assessment and reporting documents at the direction of the relevant Head of School;
Meet reporting and curriculum deadlines;
Monitor the curriculum program and maintain an awareness of pedagogical trends and developments;
Explore innovative curriculum initiatives and programs and, where appropriate, make recommendations
To the Head of Junior School regarding possible curriculum changes;
5. Promotion of theSchoolAssist with, and attend, Open Days, Information Evenings and other promotional events as required;
Discuss potential opportunities and ideas with the Marketing Manager;
6. Full Time Equivalent* Teaching Commitment and other dutiesConduct Yard Duty as required;
Supervise at least one co-Curricular activity each year;
Attend school camps, co-curricular activities and excursions as required. Note:
Part-time staff members perform these duties on a pro-rata basis.7. GeneralCheck the tidiness of grounds and the condition of classrooms and buildings;
Perform duties in accordance with the School?s Emergency Management Plan.Child ProtectionSt Paul?s Anglican Grammar School takes the issue of Child Protection very seriously. The following is an
Outline of the responsibilities for teachers at the School with regard to Child Protection.Teachers are responsible for understanding and applying the School?s child safety policies and
Procedures including identifying and addressing risks, identifying child abuse indicators,
Management of disclosures, reporting including mandatory reporting, and complying with the
School?s staff student boundaries.
Teachers must also be aware of issues relating to Aboriginal, cultural and linguistic diversity or
Disability, among students with whom they will have direct contact, and in addressing child
Protection teaching and disclosures.
Teachers must complete the St Paul?s Anglican Grammar School Child Protection Training within
The first two weeks of employment at the School.
Intellectual property
In accepting this offer of employment, you:
Presently assign to the School all existing and future Intellectual Property Rights (defined
Below) in all inventions, models, designs, drawings, plans, software, reports, proposals and
Other materials created, generated or developed by you (whether alone or with the School or
With other employees, agents or contractors of the School), during the hours of work or
Otherwise, for use by the School;
Acknowledge that by virtue of this paragraph all such existing rights are vested in the School,
And, on their creation, all such future rights will vest in the School;
Agree that you will do all things reasonably requested by the School to enable it to assure
Further the Intellectual Property Rights assigned under this contract of employment;
Agree that you will not use, copy or reproduce any of the intellectual property of the School
Other than for the purpose of your employment or as approved in writing by the School;
Voluntarily and unconditionally consent to all or any acts or omissions by the School (or
Persons authorised by the School) in relation to any and all works made by you (whether
Before or after this consent is given) during your employment which would otherwise infringe
Your Moral Rights.Intellectual Property Rights:
all intellectual property rights including, without limitation,
Patents, significant copyright works, registered designs, trademarks (both registered and
Unregistered), business and trading names, and the right to have confidential information kept
ConfidentialMoral Rights:
in relation to any copyright works that you may author in the course of your
Employment with the School, the right of attribution, the right to prevent false attribution, and
The right of integrity.Hours of Work
Hours worked will be 8:
30 am to 5:
00 pm, with evening meetings as required.
Salary and Conditions
Salary will be commensurate with years of teaching and experience.
General terms and conditions will be in accordance with the St Paul\ 's Anglican Grammar School Certified
Key Contacts
Heads of Junior School
Director of Curriculum
PrincipalInformation for Applicants
St Paul?s Anglican Grammar School is a multi-campus independent school with campuses located in Warragul
And Traralgon in West Gippsland.
The Warragul campus is approximately 100 kilometres from Melbourne and the Traralgon Campus 175
The School has approximately 1400 students and 240 staff across both locations.
The AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers serve as a guide for our expectations for our School
Leaders and teachers. Staff are expected to demonstrate strong ICT skills in teaching, communication and
Staff at St Paul?s Anglican Grammar School are expected to support the Anglican ethos of the School and be
Actively involved in school life including co-curricular activities.
We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching and learning at St Paul?s. All teachers are involved in
Professional Learning Programs (PLP), working together in small groups to enhance their students? learning
Outcomes whilst knowledge sharing. Staff are encouraged to attend external and internal Professional
Development to enhance their teaching.
St Paul?s has an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement which includes conditions of employment for teaching and
Non-teaching staff.
Detailed information about St Paul?s can be found on other parts of our website.
Electronic lodgment of applications is preferred.
Email to
Applications should include a cover letter, resume and the details of two referees.

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